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The young man who had provided them with a place had left town.When I told them I owned a small house and had a basement I became their immediate hero.The black guy was to call me that night and discuss it some more. And, by the way, I've been negligent. I should have introduced the kids to you.The black guy's name is Fucker.The young kid that I'd both sucked and fucked is named Jerry.The in between guy (in age) is Warren. As it eventually turns out, he becomes one of my favorites even though we hadn't done anything together today.That evening Fucker did call, confirmed I had a computer and we exchanged e-mail addresses. He youth pic nudemodels was going to send me a list of the group members, their group names, breast nude model ages and their cock sizes. He teen model bittorrent then told me that the group was called the Care Group. In addition to their Saturday meetings, some of the guys were at the place I'd found them during weekdays, one or two, maybe more. Nothing was definite about weekdays, though; because it depended on some guy getting boned up and needing some care. They had a good mail system, the guys with e-mail addresses copied and delivered to the guys that didn't have e-mail sexy devil models addresses. He asked if he could come over tomorrow night around 7, look at the basement and tell me more about meets at houses. And, you're new, so guys will be curious; you'll probably get a lot of calls real soon. People never make calls lilanna model except between 7 and 9 pm. If you call someone and their parents answer just leave a message for them to return your call and identify yourself as a school friend. Everybody was, also, identified by his real model girl cuties name, but it was to be used only lotita models in telephone calls.I checked my e-mail as soon as I'd hung up the phone. It was there. I was impressed with Fuckers efficiency. And from what he said, the group seemed really organized.Within asian boy modelscom half an hour, I did receive a call from Jack.I looked at the list and saw he was 18 and had between 6 and 7 inches of cut cock."Hey, Matt, just saw your name and stats on Fucker's new list. Are you in the mood tonight? Mine needs some care. Do cutest teen models you like to suck?"Jesus yes, I prefer oral sex but do go both ways. 12yo modeling nude Come on over. Just go down the driveway and use the back door.""What's your address?""1104 Sycamore.""Watch for me. I'll be there in 10 minutes. I live kind of close.He was a blue-eyed blonde kid model alexandra like I was. He was good looking and cute at infant modeling the same time. Weren't all the young boys still glowing with the blessings of youth?I took him through the kitchen and dining room into a bedroom I used as a study. Went back to the Kitchen and grabbed two beers from the fridge."Matt, want to watch a lucia teen model short video?""What's it modelsmen about?"Pics of some of the club members naked. Some didn't want their pics taken and if they ever make another one you don't have to either, modelindonesia if you don't want to.Every boy had a full fontal face picture as well as a profile, a full body shot of the front and a profile. A close up of his dick young models central soft and topless model teenagers another of it erected. Jack knew all of their names, which I wouldn't remember, but the pictures were hot. There were skinny boys, slender but muscular boys, tall and short boys, blonde and dark haired boys, fair and dark complexioned boys - quite a variety for just 12 guys. Of course, I recognized Fucker. In his pic he was standing with his hand draped over the shoulder of another, younger, shorter, black boy."Who's the boy with Fucker?""That Fucker's brother, he's 13 and his name's Fucker II. He always comes to the meetings with Fucker."I was horned up and ready to care for Jack whatever his needs turned out to be."Jack, why don't you stand up and take your pants off."He had a beautiful, boy cock, a long, slender, smooth tube of cock meat, fully hard and as he'd said "in need of some care"."Jack do you want me to suck it while you're standing or do you want to go to bed."I'd love to go to bed but I don't have a lot of time, why don't teens models I just stand up and you stay seated in your chair. I'm sorry I wasted our time with that video. He walked over, grabbed his T-shirt and hooked it naked plaboy models over the back of his head exposing his chest, which was as smooth as his shaft. I grabbed him, placed the side of my face lspretty models against his stomach and wrapped my arms around him before I reached up and squeezed his little nipples.I pulled my pants off and took his boyhood into my mouth. I didn't suck his balls but he had the biggest balls I'd ever seen on a male - man or boy. He popped his nuts really fast. Except for Jerry, up in the hills, this afternoon, I'd never swallowed boy juice but I was already hooked on it - it tasted so fresh, so teen amature models sweet."Oh Matt, that was ann austin model great. I really needed it. I'm sorry nude porno model to topless 16yr models be on such short time. Next time nudes models india I wont be in such a hurry. I've got time to do you, though. tiny free models Want me to?""Yes, very much!"He knelt in front gay indian models of lmodels sex my chair. I moved my butt out to the edge of the chair and as asian expo model quickly as he had done, woman modeling nude I ejaculated into his mouth.I couldn't believe it. After 2 years without sexual contact, today I'd had 3 boys.CHAPTER 2The next night fucker did come over. It turned out that mainly he just wanted to see the basement, which was finished and quite nice even if it was one large space with the furnace in the middle of the room and a laundry area along the back wall.Matt this is great. In fact it's ideal, I had thought it might japan supermodel sexy be a lot of small rooms. I see the windows even have coverings. It would be good to keep them drawn and to just crack the windows, get a folding table where guys can stack their beer and layout some ashtrays on it. If you could pre innocent model see your way to do it, a couple of big, vinyl covered gym mats would be super."No, I don't mind getting gym mats.""Want me to take up a collection among the members to help out?""No, I'll just do it on my own.""That nice of you and I'll be sure all the guys know about it."I wouldn't have missed Saturday night for a million bucks but I was 30 minutes late, because zora teen model I'd forgotten to pick up a six-pack earlier, and about 3 cars were in the parking area when I arrived. young underwear models Fucker had told me, when he came over to talk about the basement, to bring a flashlight with me and had also mentioned at the meetings, including winter meetings at someone's house, everyone car pooled, so a lot of parked little porn model cars wouldn't be an attention getter..When I walked into the clearing, they had a Coleman lantern sitting on a rock, even though it was not entirely dark yet. What a fucking, beautiful sight - 12 porno modeli gratis teenagers naked, some with erections, all different teen models clothed ages and heights and cocks hawaii bikini model that were as individual as the boys. Right away, Fucker came over and told me that the guys that best liked to get fucked were on the right end of the clearing.Guys that were basically tiny models nude cocksuckers were grouped at the other end -nothing rigid to the placement, it just short of happened that way over time and everyone also milled around a lot. So, I sat down on a log with 2 other cocksuckers to see what would happen.One of them was busy and I got an erection just watching the activity. Whether Fucker had told him to or not, Fucker's kid brother walked right over to me with his beautiful smile and his 8 inch black, cut dick with a big, pink head. If you just looked at what he had between his legs you'd never have guessed him to be a 13-year-old boy. He didn't say anything; he just stood in front of me, took hold of it with one hand and pointed it toward my mouth. It was the first black cock I'd ever had in my mouth. And, a huge black cock in your mouth just has to be the only thing more exciting in the world than looking at one. I guess he was about ready to blast because he clamped my head between his two hands and began mouth fucking me. child naked model I'd been mouth fucked a couple of times before but never as hard and fast as Fucker II was doing it. It was downright uncomfortable for me. But he made his cock happy and it was soon over with. He reached down, gently rubbed my cheek and walked away.The only reason I could give for his actions were that they were similar to the manner in which his brother had fucked Warren last Wednesday out here.The two of them were prime meat, very prime meat, and there was no way they could not know it. I guess they were just showing you models nonudes that it didn't come entirely free; everyone who got it was going to pay for it to hot top models some degree, no matter how small.I thought I'd do better the next time if I took a little artist female models break. Walking around, looking and meeting some of the others, I became aware that some of them were using pot. There was no mistaking the smell. Warren walked right up to me and I sensed that he was one of the pot smokers."Hi Matt. Can I ask vip models pussy you something?""Sure.""Wednesday, I wanted sakera child model you to fuck me, but you didn't. Could we models boys foto get together now? If you don't want to fuck me, I'd like it every bit as much if you'd suck me."I looked down tender models at his cock, and reminded me that Wednesday I'd thought it was almost kacy model 12yo identical to mine."Do you want me to do it over in the cocksucker's corner?""No, do you preetens models ukranian mind walking back to your car?""If you'd like to that's fine with me. Let's find our clothes.""Let's leave our clothes. Shoes and our models littel girls flashlights are all we'll need. Maybe we better grab a couple of beers, too."We kept stopping along the path. Warren loved to touch nonnude teenage models and kiss. He was a very loving boy. When we got to the car, I asked if he wanted 14yo ls model a cigarette?"No but if you're going to have one I'll have another joint. He'd had one in is hand all the way up the path. While we smoked, we sat on the front seat. He was constantly fooling around, rubbing my legs, feeling my genitals, rubbing around my stomach and flicking my nipples with 2008 swimsuit models one of his fingers."Boy, I smoked that too fast, I'm really spaced out. But that's how I wanted to nude virgin models be. I wanted to be good for you, Matt?"I wanted him to be good for me too. He had me hotter than a pistol with all his rubbing and fondling. "I'd just like to get a little more spaced preyeen model out before we do anything. I want to be good for you.""You will nude skin models be if we do gratis teen models it soon. I'm more than ready."It black models porn was a bit awkward in the front seat of a car, but he laid down with his head on the driver's seat, threw one leg over the back fourteen sexy models of the passenger seat and put one down on the floor. 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My swollen cock needed a good fucking off and I gave it models teen top50 what it needed."Thank you. israil nude model That was extremely good for me too.""Me, too, I'm totally relaxed now." "You're a beautiful, loving, boy. Thanks again. Want to go back now?"Can I ride home with you?""Sure, I think I'd like to leave now.""Do you mind walking back and getting out clothes while I sleep a minute.""OK""Tell Fucker I'm riding back with you and ask him where my clothes and beer are piled. Maybe you can fit what's left of your beer and mine into one carton."When I got back he was awake, had a door open and was smoking a cigarette.He didn't put his clothes on and rode back naked. He kept putting one foot up on atop the instrument panel, which I'd noticed seemed to be naked tits models a local fad with both boys and girls around town. Having him sitting next to me, totally naked, was sort of a distraction, even though I tried not to look at him.We took longer getting back than we had coming up the path. We memphis belle models kept stopping to get in some hugs and kisses. I was glad Warren was with me or I might well have not found my way back. The darkness seemed to change everything, but we made it and saw the light from sexy hollywood modelcom the Coleman lantern. nn kid models No one even noticed we'd been gone.As nude supermodel gallery we rosmery teen model neared town, he asked if he could spend the night with me, so I didn't put the car in the garage but parked by the back door so he could dash in carrying his clothes. He explained he lived with his grandma and would call and tell her he was spending the night with a friend and would be home in the morning.He was in bed right nonude lalana model after he'd taken a piss and went to sleep fondling me and rubbing my stomach. I threw an arm over his chest and I too went to sleep. It wasn't even nude modeling in daylight when I woke up realizing he was sucking on my cock. He sure liked his man sex and that was good. I liked it, too.He didn't live all that far from me and soon and the next week he started dropping by, unannounced on his way to preeteen models underwear high school in the next block. It got so I just expected him and was disappointed if he missed showing. We became close - sexually as well as in many other ways. We liked each other, we respected each other and we just plain felt comfortable with each other. If he appeared early enough he either sucked me off or I sucked him off. If not he always had a quick cup of coffee with me at the kitchen table. He also always rode with me to the Saturday meets.The Monday after my second Saturday meet, a guy calls me and wants to come over, said he knew where I lived and asked if he could come over. His name was Lance. nude kiddy models After telling him to come on, I looked him up on Fuckers list, he was 17 and hung 8.END OF FIRST PARTTo be continued
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